I want to be an agent of change in the way we treat our home; Earth. I want to start with myself. I believe the answer to the ecological problems we face are not just environmental but social and spiritual. If we did not see ourselves as separate from any living thing but part of it would our actions not reflect that? And could it not change the world?

Did you know…

…that the presence of paraben esters has been detected in women with breast cancer? A recent study involving 40 breast cancer patients showed that 99 percent of their tissue samples contain this chemical. Paraben esters can enter your body through deodorants and antiperspirants (the majority of which contain this chemical)

So if you want to avoid parabens why not try this recipe:

3 tbsp virgin coconut oil (has natural anti-bacterial and anit-fungal properties)
4 tbsp baking soda (absorbs any odour)

Optional ingredients
4 tbsp arrowroot or cornstarch (for the absorption of any perspiration)

Mix ingredients into a paste and store in an airtight glass jar.  Scrape onto your finger tip and apply under the arm.

Play around with amounts!

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