I want to be an agent of change in the way we treat our home; Earth. I want to start with myself. I believe the answer to the ecological problems we face are not just environmental but social and spiritual. If we did not see ourselves as separate from any living thing but part of it would our actions not reflect that? And could it not change the world?

Farmers are building a 'Noah's Ark' to stop Monsanto

The source of our planet’s food is under threat. Ten agro-chemical firms own 73% of the commercial seed market, and as many as 93% of seed varieties have gone extinct. In the US alone 85% of apple varieties have disappeared.

Monsanto and co. are privatising the genesis of nature. And this corporate takeover is decimating sustainable farming, destroying the diversity of our crops, and making them vulnerable to diseases that could threaten our food security.

But farmers are resisting, saving seeds in banks and barns across the world. Now they have devised a revolutionary project — the first ever, non-profit “eBay” of seed where any farmer, anywhere can source a wide variety of plants cheaper than the genetically modified seeds from chemical companies. This global online store could re-flood the market with all kinds of seeds and slowly break the monopoly that is putting our food future at risk!

This could be the most innovative agricultural idea in decades — a Noah’s Ark of seeds. But chemical companies often bully and sue those that get in their way, and farmers are calling on us to support them. If we raise enough now we can help them launch the online site, support seed storing in key countries, finance marketing and advertising, and fund the legal defence to fight back.


“7 Days of Garbage” Shocking Photographs Of People Lying In 7 Days Worth of Their Trash

We are all aware of the global pollution problem, but hardly anyone realizes just how much trash we produce daily. Gregg Segal, a photographer from California, aims to show this problem through powerful imagery, photographing people lying in their weekly load of trash. His ongoing project cleverly called “7 Days of Garbage” tries to portray people from different social backgrounds to reach largest audience possible.

Segal decided to photograph the participants in front of naturalistic backgrounds to show that the garbage produced by us is effecting it directly. “Obviously, the series is guiding people toward a confrontation with the excess that’s part of their lives. I’m hoping they recognize a lot of the garbage they produce is unnecessary”, he said to Slate.
Some of the participants were too ashamed of how much garbage they produced weekly, so they edited their garbage bags. Others showed everything just the way it was resulting in nasty and very strong images, which you can see here. 

(Source:, via cloogle)

USA privacy violation bill

There’s momentum in the fight against the U.S. government’s overreaching surveillance programs. Last month a call to defund some of the worst of the NSA’s programs passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a wide margin.

And yet this week Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a terrible bill that would actually attack our privacy and digital rights. It’s moving through Congress at lightning speed and it needs to be stopped.

Tell President Obama: Veto the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)

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Obesity Epidemic Is Now a Global Health Threat


1 in 3 people in the world are obese.  1 in 3.  That’s 2.1 BILLION people.  So if a dozen people get into an elevator, statistically 3 of them would be obese.  Not just fat, obese.

Sucralose's (Splenda) Harms Vastly Underestimated: Baking Releases Dioxin - Food Revolution Network